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Words from a Black Man

In this session of “Black Men Testimonials” Nigel tells the globe his view on WhatBlackMenWant…

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The Silent Killer

This leads to high levels of glucose in the blood, which can damage organs, blood vessels and nerves. The body needs insulin to use glucose as an energy source.

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The Demise of the Lakers – Chemistry

Kobe recently commented that “the team is old”. NBA Injuries are a crapshoot, nobody has a crystal ball and can predict from day to day who will be healthy and or injured.

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Automated Trading Strategies

So I decided to do a small experiment within my emotional blog post to see if this is true. I wanted to see if I could get a somewhat predictable outcome from people.

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The Art of the “Pass”

Passing the ball in Basketball is key to the flow of the game. Take a look at Lipton Supreme’s list of great playmakers!

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The Knicks

They couldn’t have any impact in the big picture of an 82-game season, could they? I beg to differ.

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WBMW Fitness Tip: Consistent Execution

              “It’s simple, not easy.” This is the theme for the rest of the year for me, not to mention the title of… Well more about that at another time. I’m blessed to receive many letters and questions from people asking for my help in getting the body they […]


Black & White

Interracial Relationships – Black/White Gray Area?

It's hard to say they do or don't work... let us know your opinion on this EXPERIENCE!
by Uncle Suave

Greg Jones

Love and Marriage in Black and White

Finding someone that you can actually picture yourself loving for a lifetime is an experience that I hope to feel first hand at some point in my life.
by sgaither


Single Black Female

SBF – He cheats because he loves me?

"A man can’t love a woman and cheat on her at the same time; the two just don’t seem to go together".
by singleblackf

Single Black Female

SBF – Buy U A Drank?

"If I buy you a drink, then you know what I expect"...huh?
by singleblackf