…Inside The Black Man's World



It’s Not Your P***y, It’s Just Your Turn!

Too many times I have been around a homeboy who wants to play all tough and shit acting as if he don’t give two fucks whether the new chick he rapping to is really feeling him or not.
by Jack Tha Kid

People change

Women Change Then Say We Ain’t The Man We Use To Be!

With all this time I’ve had an abundance of ideas rolling around my dome and decided I’d speak on a topic that no doubt has had ink spilled on it in the past but not with the precision and nuanced articulation as the opinio...
by Jack Tha Kid



Women; Stop Lying about what you Want!

So let’s assume now that you are past that whole “you want a nice guy thing,” it’s time to pick out your special brand of jerk/bad boy/rebel or whatever you want to call him.
by Jack Tha Kid

Beyonce Legs

We like em Thick in the Thighs

When going in for an actual bean I can call my own; you better believe the thighs gotta be proper.
by Jack Tha Kid