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December 2, 2012

You ARE Qualified…

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Written by: Tha Wisdom Kidd
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We’ve decided to go with another candidate

This is one sentence I’ve heard many times over the last three months as I begin my journey down a new career path. It seems that every door is labelled with this sentence: “We have decided to go with another candidate”.

My message is simple, and as I wait for my change to come the key is to continue learning and be mindful of the lessons at hand. Often we sit and wait while time passes by. But what is the season saying to you? And how are you applying the information and revelation? Put it this way, after you have gained information and revelation, it’s your responsibility to apply the information. My message is simple: “You are qualified”. Despite what it looks and sounds like: You have what it takes!

Despite what it looks and sounds like: You have what it takes!

Jeremiah dealt with this same problem of doubt. It seems like many times when we get denied we begin to question our qualification or find fault within ourselves, but that is the time that we should be asking ourselves “what did I learn from this experience and how can it help me in the next round?”. Jeremiah was qualified, ordained, appointed, and anointed to be a prophet, but he had a speech impediment. One would ask why God would call this young man to be a prophet understanding that the appointment had a lot to do with the ability to verbally express the Lord’s message? Despite this matter of his speech, Jeremiah was qualified. I like the conversation between Jeremiah and God, which reads as follows:

4 Then the word of the Lord came to me, saying:

5 “Before I formed you in the womb I knew you;

Before you were born I sanctified you;

I ordained you a prophet to the nations.”

6 Then said I:

“Ah, Lord God!

Behold, I cannot speak, for I am a youth.”

7 But the Lord said to me:

“Do not say, ‘I am a youth,’

For you shall go to all to whom I send you,

And whatever I command you, you shall speak.

8 Do not be afraid of their faces,

For I am with you to deliver you,” says the Lord.

9 Then the Lord put forth His hand and touched my mouth, and the Lord said to me:

“Behold, I have put My words in your mouth.

10 See, I have this day set you over the nations and over the kingdoms,

To root out and to pull down,

To destroy and to throw down,

To build and to plant.”


This small, but powerful, piece of scripture has so much insight. There is much understanding and revelation to gain from this. I feel like I could teach this in a bible study– during my season of rejection, and what many times seemed like delay. Because, to be honest for a moment, we all have plans for our lives and when it seems like it ain’t working we start questioning God. Stop right there ’cause maybe we forgot the scripture that states: “For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future”. So in other words, your plans won’t work…what are God’s plans for you? Because they’re designed to prosper and give you hope and a future.

“The word of the Lord came to me: ‘Before I formed you in the womb I knew you for my own; before you were born I consecrated you, I appointed you a prophet to the nations (Jeremiah 1:4-5).” The scripture informs us even before we existed as human beings that God has a plan for us and has qualified us for the assignment. Right there in your assignment is your purpose.

The scripture reveals to us the following:

  1. Before you were conceived you had a purpose and an assignment over your life
  2. You are qualified despite what people or your situation may look like
  3. He will make your imperfection, perfection.
  4. He will be there with you when times get hard and when you feel like giving up, and when everything seems good.
  5. At an appointed time, your gift will make room for you and everyone will know that you are qualified for the mission
  6. God will give you instructions and directions on what you are to do, and don’t you ever for a minute try to do it your own way.

Now look at every door that has been shut, every obstacle that stands in your way and every problem that seems like there’s no solution, and declare that “I am the answer to the problem”, “I am the trained skilled worker called to remove this obstacle” and “I am the one that possess the key to unlock every locked door”. And if they dare ask why, then let them know. Say: “Because God has qualified me!”

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Tha-WisdomKidd has dedicated his life to serving God and humanity, while equipping individuals with the skills, resources and strategies needed to reach and maximize their full potential. Many would define him as “having a heart for the people”, so it is by no surprise that he works and pursues a career in the social service sector in the capacity of community and personal development. He views obstacles and trials as an opportunity to showcase the greater creative power within one’s self, where they can boldly declare that they too shall, will and can overcome anything that attempts to hold them hostage, aboard their assignment or cripple them in any area of their life. He firmly stands on the premise and continues to remind people that they are always one decision away from living an authentic life of their dreams.



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