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October 15, 2012

Mixed Baby Madness

Mixed Babies

No matter who you are, or how hard you claim to be, admit it-you’ve got a soft spot for babies. You may not do the “goo-goo-ga-ga” type-speech, but you’ve got to be the Devil’s nephew not to at least smile back when you see one smile at you. Working on a job that is predominately female, it seems that someone is having a baby nearly every week.

No disrespect to my bi-racial folks, but Black is beautiful all by its damn self!!!

One day a few months ago, the conversation came up about a Caucasian young lady (lets call her Julie) whose newborn baby was fathered by an African-American man. This is how the face-cringing conversation went.

Co-worker no. 1: “Oh, you know Julie had her baby last week.”

Co-worker no. 2: “Oh, she did?”

Co-worker no. 1: “Yup. You know the baby daddy Black, right?”

Co-worker no. 2: “Uhh huh. You know that’s a pretty baby. I can’t wait to see it.”

Making matters worse, others chimed in supporting that statement. Random comments about the little one having “good hair” and “pretty eyes” because his parents were of… I WANTED TO THROW UP!

Now on the surface, it may seem that I’m being petty, but understand I’m not a surface-type dude. Being a Scorpio I inherently have to analize and dissect everything. It just kills me to know that in 2012 Black people still have so many of the self-hating hangups we had in 1812!

Almost 150 years after being freed from physical slavery, so many of us are still baring the scars of the mental effects that white supremacy has imposed on us. Generation after generation, we continue to pass on the flawed logic that having children with White people can only enhance our beauty. No disrespect to my bi-racial folks, but Black is beautiful all by its damn self!!!

I’ll admit, when I was younger, I had a preference for mixed or light-skinned females. Hell, my first crush was Mariah Carey at age four! But as I evolved and developed a mind of my own, I began to realize that those preferences were based on the way society looked at African-based features. I don’t expect society at large to appreciate India Arie’s beauty the way they do Alicia Keys or Beyonce, but the sad thing is that a large segment of Black America doesn’t either.

Bottom line is this has got to stop. We are all God’s children, created in his image. No matter your size or hue, just love yourself for being you.

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  1. I feel you my brother. Too many of our people hate themselves so much that they have bought into the negative stereotypes about our Black not being beautiful. I’m not apologetic when I say, those mixed big head babies are not cute. Their skin truly looks dingy.
    Not only is what these negropeans doing wrong but it is also an abomination.

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