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August 23, 2011

10 Steps To Keep Your BM Happy

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Written by: rhumnoir
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1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9 – it’s the 10 BM commandments.
Ladies, we (WBMW) aren’t saying that you don’t deserve to be happy, this is just a lil’ time out for the BM in your life. Because every good BW already knows!

      • Be “willing” to try new things. (Like giving Hummers)
      • Home cooked meal, more than once a week.
      • Stop the nagging and bickering for the little things in life
      • Listen, support and appreciate your BM. (Most importantly in ways that he will recognize)
      • Co-operation & communication
      • Tone the attitude down to a 1/10
      • Clean a little more often
      • Learn to love any sport
      • Get your own friends
      • Always be happy to see your BM

Follow these suggestions and you’ll have your BM forever, if not…I’ll leave it at that! Leave a comment below telling us your steps to keeping a Black Man happy!

Checkout How to Make Your Women Happy on Maxlogic.com

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  1. Lovingit

    I can get with this – never heard the phrase hummer and female together, but I’m sure I can guess what it means.

    11. Go to the gym on the reg

  2. water

    I once met a girl that gave me a lot of comments. I said “wow, that’s really nice of you.” She said it’s a woman’s job to make her man feel good about himself. That blew my mind! she then proceeded to blow my mind.

    I have to agree to the gym thing. That should be near the top of the list. As men, we’re willing to put with more of your sh!t if you’re hot. I’m gonna throw up if i hear another girl say she doesn’t need to go to the gym, or that she knows how much we like thickness. The term “Thick” has been overused to bumboclot. Get on a program ladies!

  3. Jones

    Hummers – lol!
    What about taking out the wallet more often!

  4. king5f

    I can have a long prosperous life with # 3..and yeah, what is “hummer’? lol

  5. girlie

    As a woman i guess i generally agree with this list. But rather that itemizing all the things we must do to keep you, its important to realize that its a 2 way street. If you want us to go to the gym and keep things tight…you have to go to the gym to fend off the inevitable beer belly! You want us to like EVERY sport…well, get ready to love ALL hobbies/tv shows. Just sayin

    • CEO

      I agree 100%… It’s give and take!!!

  6. Mr.Feeny


    All men-including black men-do not think alike. All women-including black women-do not think alike, and the fact that a list saying “how to keep your black man happy” exists makes me want to laugh out loud. Although I’m sure lots of black men agree with the crap on this list, not all of them do. We’ve got to stop making these huge over-generalizations.

    Some of the stuff on this list is also kinda sexist to me. “Stop the nagging over the small stuff?!” BITCH PLEASE. People in general complain-it’s not just a female thing-and when it comes to “nagging,” I find that complaining is only given that negative connotation when it’s legitimate. “Stop leaving your dirty ass clothes on the floor b/c you expect me tO pick them up when you can do it yourself. Dude, you’re a GROWN.ASS.MAN-not a 5 year old. If you were a toddler, you’d be justified in being nasty as hell, BUT YOU AIN’T, so get off your ass and clean up behind yourself!!!”

    That brings me to the next point, “Clean a little more often.” BRUH-BRUH,

    Although I can’t speak for all women, this is my policy when it comes to such traditional gender expectations: If I want a son to cook, clean and be a servant to, I’ll go adopt a child or have one on my own, but I ain’t looking for a child-I’m looking for a PARTNER, and a partner means someone who’s gonna do 50/50 of the work. Expecting one person to cook, clean and do all the primary childcare IN ADDITION to working outside the home is ridiculous!!! If you see something is dirty, get off your sorry ass and clean it up instead of waiting for your girl to do it!!! If you don’t, you must not care that much.

    “Find your own friends.” -Really??!! What women have you dated that don’t have their own friends?! I often times find that such friends are complained about by a lot of men.

    This list is okay if you agree with traditional gender roles, but I don’t. Relationships should be equal give and take-just sayin. :)

  7. max

    Who doesn’t give hummers?

    • CEO

      I think every man likes em’

    • I guess YOU would be surprised. Those “who” do exist…

  8. Eric

    I agree whole heartedly with the list. There is nothing sexist about it. First of all it’s just a suggestion of things for a woman to consider. If it doesn’t apply then let it fly. Next I’m pretty sure there is a similar list for Black men on how to treat Black women. There is no way that me and I hope any man would view that list as one sided. If any woman feels that any thing on the list is sexist I feel sorry for her man. If your man is undeserving of those things then the problem is him not the list. Which means that the woman needs to check herself because I’ve never seen a relationship where all the problems are one person’s fault. I learned all my problems start & end with me. If I want a good woman I must first be a good man. I always hear people say they’re a good woman or man then complain they can’t find someone. Hmmm. Check yourself. @ the bottom is a link for men on ways to treat your woman. I’m about to check it out. Just had to leave my comment first. By the way not only is a woman going to the gym a great idea but I suggest to go together. I stay fit and there is nothing wrong with me wanting my woman to keep it tight as well. Last but not least I hate nags. Once you’ve communicated something telling me over & over doesn’t make it any clearer. If your man is a slob then you might need a new one. But first check yo self!!!!!

  9. [...] overdue on and am publicly shaming myself for as an act of contrition) schooled the ladies on how to keep a Black man happy. The list was beautiful in its simplicity. But we gals are a bit more complex, so here is my [...]

  10. Destiny

    I agree with the list, i
    wanna do everything in my power to keep my man happy…….. Cause i know my man will everything in his power to keep me happy……………

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