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May 13, 2011

Battle Of The Babes 3

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Battle of the Babes 3

Ding, ding, ding. ROUND 3! Its round three of WhatBlackMenWant Battle of the Babes. For round three we are focusing on two successful actresses with looks that could kill and curves that may make you crash.

In this corner we have a sexy chocolate beauty with a long list of movie credits staring with prestigious actors. Some of her credits include Bad Boys II, Cadillac Records, Love & Basketball, with numerous TV guest appearance. She is the Winner of 2001 & 2008 Black Reel Awards and many other nominations.

But fella, lets keep our comments above the waist, or below I guess depending on how you get down. Lets take a look at a clip.


Now this next lap dance can make any man cheat.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g2wT9jFSp0E (copy link into browser, MUST be 18 and over to view)

In this corner we have a caramel complexioned beauty with an extensive list of accolades and movie credits to her name. Her credits include Blade, The Wood, Love & Basketball, Brown Sugar, A Raisin in the Sun, The Family That Preys, and Out of Time.

OK judges, time to voice your opinion. Who has the complete package? Time to vote fellas!!! Use the poll below, but we would love to get the discussion going on this one…

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  1. Ghost

    Sanaa for sure – I’m in love with that chick! She could hold me down anytime…

  2. Frank White

    I usually like Dark skinned girls but Sanaa does it for me. I think Love and Basketball was the turning point. Her body was banging

    • I agree – all she need to do was dunk on Omar and she would have won an Oscar in my book!

  3. Solid

    I am feeling Gabrielle Union. She has a nice body and she seems funny.

  4. Camronflex

    Can I just have both? Why do I need to decide? I would have both and just call it a day

  5. Lando

    I’m leaning towards Gabby on this one. But they’ve both been out of work for a while still, which means the world doesn’t find them hot enough to employ, thus, I may take back my vote. I think hot women that have jobs are hot.

  6. water

    Gabrielle more makes my hood stan up still…..

  7. deebo

    had i just seen these two women on the street i’d edge it to Gabrielle, however Sanaa was too sexy in the best man and L&B so Sanaa wins this bout.

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