…Inside The Black Man's World


Greg Jones

Love and Marriage in Black and White

Finding someone that you can actually picture yourself loving for a lifetime is an experience that I hope to feel first hand at some point in my life.
by sgaither

Single Black Female

SBF – He cheats because he loves me?

"A man can’t love a woman and cheat on her at the same time; the two just don’t seem to go together".
by singleblackf


Single Black Female

SBF – Buy U A Drank?

"If I buy you a drink, then you know what I expect"...huh?
by singleblackf

Young couple (Soul Mate)

She is NOT your Soul Mate…

Some of you may be saying to yourself, what the hell is Tha Kid talking about now? Is this another one of his oh so crazy philosophies and theories on dating?
by Jack Tha Kid