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Irina S

Comfort Is At Times….Overrated

Tha Kid knows like the rest of my panting, drooling brethren out there, we prefer the fairer sex to either come out of that room bare cave woman naked, or in something decidedly much more tight fitting than what she has in mind.
by Jack Tha Kid

Liya Kebede for H&M 02

New Looks from H&M

This season they continue to bring some key items that will work well into your wardrobe for the fall/winter season. You'll find tweeds, textured knits and wools. Colours will be in mustard, green wine and natural shades of b...
by ivyprosper



The Double Standard of Feminine Beauty

A few days ago I was chatting online with a female acquaintance when she hit me with a request I really didn't see coming.
by sgaither


Something Borrowed…

Something Borrowed is a little bit like cheating in that one person doesn’t really know about the other person until it all blows up, but once they DO know…
by singleblackf