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BET 2012

BET Awards 2012 Style

The BET Awards always brings out some of the best and the worst in fashion.  There was everything from glamorous and sophisticated to hood and even downright trashy.
by ivyprosper


It’s Not Your P***y, It’s Just Your Turn!

Too many times I have been around a homeboy who wants to play all tough and shit acting as if he don’t give two fucks whether the new chick he rapping to is really feeling him or not.
by Jack Tha Kid


Single Black Female

SBF – Here Tomorrow; Gone Today!

It becomes a power struggle and a rat race to see who folds first. Unfortunately friendships don't develop before the sexual encounters take place.
by singleblackf

Beyonce Legs

We like em Thick in the Thighs

When going in for an actual bean I can call my own; you better believe the thighs gotta be proper.
by Jack Tha Kid