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Young couple (Soul Mate)

She is NOT your Soul Mate…

Some of you may be saying to yourself, what the hell is Tha Kid talking about now? Is this another one of his oh so crazy philosophies and theories on dating?
by Jack Tha Kid


High-Stakes Playoffs

Ask the average brother accross the country what’s going on this weekend and the first thing he’ll probably tell you is that the NFL’s playoffs are starting. Ask the same brother about what’s going on in...
by sgaither


Allen Edmonds Strawfut

Contrast Style

All these trends are expected to be big for fall 2012 but you're sure to find some for spring and summer too.
by ivyprosper

BET 2012

BET Awards 2012 Style

The BET Awards always brings out some of the best and the worst in fashion.  There was everything from glamorous and sophisticated to hood and even downright trashy.
by ivyprosper