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November 21, 2011

We like em Thick in the Thighs

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Written by: Jack Tha Kid
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Beyonce Legs

I don’t know why, we just do… We love em thick in the thighs! Don’t we fellas? You know I’m not lying on this one. Sometimes we just want to bite em and rub em and… ehem.. let me compose myself before I get all hot and bothered. This post of mine is not going to be too long and I am not here making any new groundbreaking fcuking realizations. Bottom line; the thicker the thighs, the better the prize.

Understand that when I say we, what I mean in general is men of color. For some reason my buddies of the Caucasian persuasion prefer their thighs to look like a popsicle stick. Tha Kid has nothing against the bleached out barbie look with bouncing breasts on top of two skinny leg pieces but that can only go so far (Like one night stand type far).

When going in for an actual bean I can call my own; you better believe the thighs gotta be proper.

The main difference between the black and brown brothers vs. our white counterparts is that we want our ladies bottom strong and they want them top heavy. I don’t see anything wrong with that and I am not going to complain about either look. As the savage, perverse individual I am, it would be beneath me to pretend that I don’t welcome all shapes, sizes and forms of the fairer sex.

Ladies out there… If you take one thing out of this post it should be, “Please do your squats,” think of it as a duty that must be done every morn, right after brushing your teeth. We will love you for it… As you apply that vice grip during…











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  1. Bubba

    That’s what I like to call HORSE! Hella thick!

  2. earl dixon

    Thick is best

  3. DearDona

    what do you think? would a man prefer great falacio over great p$ussy? Would he keep you around if your falacio is lousy and your p$ussy is okay?

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