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February 25, 2012

Women Change Then Say We Ain’t The Man We Use To Be!

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Written by: Jack Tha Kid
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People change

I say Blame it on Feminism!

Not wanting to make my anticipated return on Valentine’s Day or even a day or two before or after (how cliché and corny would that shit be huh?), here I am in all my glory once more. It’s been a minute I know, but even Tha’ Kid has things, people, and mostly b#*ches to attend to (said in the most endearing of ways of course my fine ladies of all cultures, creeds, ethnicities and such). With all this time I’ve had an abundance of ideas rolling around my dome and decided I’d speak on a topic that no doubt has had ink spilled on it in the past but not with the precision and nuanced articulation as the opinion of one “Kid” aka Moi.

What topic you ask? I was chatting with a girl friend of mine the other day and she asked what happened to all the real men, to which I replied, “We right here, never went a damn place. You women just went and got all rigid and shit on us.” It’s the whole new age woman and what they really want out of a man as opposed to say twenty years ago or so. You may call it a variation or spin off of the feminist movement. Now some females don’t like associating themselves with the aforementioned movement, yet we would be ignorant to deny the impact it’s had on the dames out there.

So with the above being said… leeegooo! Imma do per usual and break shit down in a scientific kinda fcuking way, nawmean? We got our four types of ladies out there: 1. Hardcore Feminist; 2. The “Spotty” Convenient Feminist; 3. The “Ignay” Feminist ; and 4. The “No Thank You” I’ll take my roses chick (NTY). Each of them got their own way about them so let Tha Kid do what he do and school you fools… get out that pen and paper from the last lesson I taught.

  1. The Hardcore Feminist – When it comes to the hard core feminist, you as a dude ain’t getting nowhere with this chick… She’s a bad bitch in all sorts of ways. She don’t want nothing from a man and that includes sperm. This chick is the one most likely to be a lesbian and have no qualms or issues about coming out that damn closet in a New York minute. Don’t try to sweet talk, open a door or play chivalrous with this woman or you might just get talked to in a hard kinda fuckin way. Bottom line, don’t play romantic in any way and invite her to play sports and other “manly” things with you.

What they want from a man – Nothing except promotions at work and sex (if they not lesbians)

  1. The Spotty Feminist – This type of woman is your thinking woman’s feminist. You see these chicks understand what it is to be a woman and fully grasp the power of the pussy. In essence they like having their cake and eating it too (wherever the fuck that saying came from I got no idea). Anyway, back to the topic; the Spotty Feminist likes to drive her own expensive car, have her own nice place and wants to have sex with whomever she likes whenever she wants without having to explain shit to a dude or her friends. The flipside though is that she likes being romanced on occasion and has the versatility to act sweet and feminine when need be to get her man or date to shell out some loot at her expense.

What they want from a man – Sex, nice dates, offspring with good genes

  1. The Ignay Feminist – (Ignay as in ignorant to their feminist ways) The Ignay is probably the most common type and for this reason, they are the one dudes are most used to. Ya’ll know the type. She’ll be smiling one day at some nice shit you did for her and the next she don’t want you to touch her or help her do shit. There really isn’t any specific reasons or anything, it’s just a product of the whole feminist movement over the last couple decades that has caused this. Woman are making more money now, have better jobs and more comfortable being single moms as the stigma to the latter isn’t as much as it used to be. So with these chicks you just got to take your chances and hope that the day you are out with them isn’t the day they decide to get bitchy on you.

What they want from a man – Sex, marriage eventually, public prestige, occasional romance

  1. The No Thank You Feminist – The NTY Feminists are those that couldn’t give two shits about the new movement and all that touch bitch garbage going on. All they want are some flowers and chocolate and a man’s jacket at the end of the night when they are cold and shivering. The do it yourself bitch isn’t for them and they don’t give a damn about perception or what other “modern” women think about their perceived “weakness” and lack of progressive mindset. Usually the NTY broad is married by 25 with 2 or 3 kids by 30 and then in for a long marriage whether the guy is faithful or not. It is what it is…

What they want from a man – marriage, family, kids, sappy romance, flowers and chocolate

So fellas, there you go, that’s your four type of women right now on the market. They all got their positives and negatives (well maybe except for the Hardcore bitch). You probably could change a Hardcore into a Spotty or an Ignay into a NTY, but why would you really want to? Don’t waste your time on trivial shit like that. Figure out which she is, adapt your game to meet her “needs” (as we always have) and be you (a knuckle dragging dude in it for the… ehem… love… I kid, I kid).

There was a time when all women had to give off the impression that they wanted men to be the dominant one in any relationship and lesbian women had to get married to keep appearances. That’s long gone now, and we are in the time of dating “dutch” female CEOs. Tha Kid ain’t mad at none of this new found female power one bit. I actually don’t mind an aggressive female especially in the bed. But ladies, keep it real and stop pretending we something new compared to the past. You the ones that changed up your game to adapt to ours.

To wrap this up in a tight package, here’s the point. Be you my male brethren and don’t let the ladies make you think somehow dudes have changed over time and we are somehow less manly etc. etc. The reality is that women have changed much more over the last 30 years; in fact dudes are pretty much the same as when we were dragging the fairer sex around by their hair in the cave man days. Now we just have less body hair and more clothes on. Feel me fellas… next time your chick says that you aren’t the man her father is or that somehow you’re less of a dude than the “standup” guys of years gone by, just walk away, say nada because truth is, that’s what your pops, grand pops and great grand daddy did too. That’s right, walk away, ignore the nagging then come back a little later for some crazy uncontrolled, savage make up sex… easy as that. Our strategy stays the same, don’t mess with a good thing. Take it light fellas, Tha Kid’s back.

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Jack Richards, or Tha Kid as he is affectionately known; or maybe not… Either way, this man has some strong opinions about everything there is to be said when it comes to relationships, sex and style.  Always willing to give his advice to those willing and able to listen, he is an interesting and surely controversial Mind of Zadishe at www.jackthakid.com and columnist at www.whatblackmenwant.com.



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  1. J

    Bruh, you are on point with this article. Had two female friends ask me the same question a few weeks back. Where are all the good strong black men. Bottom line is that most of the women out here have no idea what they want and need. Their preferences change from day to day. I gave up playing the games a long time ago. Still looking for wifey and although it has been hard as hell….I haven’t given up just yet. Keep it up!!

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