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June 7, 2012

It’s Not Your P***y, It’s Just Your Turn!

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Written by: Jack Tha Kid
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I’m just gonna get right into this one by stating… Thou shall claim the girl he wants to his friends for risk that his boy will take her.  What I mean is, “Stop being a pussy and tell your boys if you like her or not.”  Too many times I have been around a homeboy who wants to play all tough and shit acting as if he don’t give two f***s whether the new chick he’s rapping to is really feeling him or not.  Even worse, he plays it off like she’s all into him and shit and he’s just gonna lay back and let her come to him.  Now fellas, we all know this dude, and he may just be YOU!

I got a rule of thumb on this matter and it goes like this; unless the girl you checking for at the time is your girlfriend, ex-girl or established target, you can’t say shit if your boy beats you to the punch and bags her first, whether they know you’re after her or not.  Let me explain.


1. First off, man law quite properly states that no man can date or court his homeboys ex-girl (and yes fellas that means even the exes from way back).  The exception to this law is if the two principals were dating back in high-school when it was all bullshit anyway.  You know what I mean, the puppy love shit and everyone lying about how much sex they were having and all that mess.  Other than that exception though, once a dude hits 21 and has his first serious relationship with any woman, his boys got to know that she is hands off for life.  Go find another female to chase.  There are many fish in the sea.  You are man enough aren’t you?

2. Part one being stated and explained I can now comfortably say to you guys out there, “stop being a bitch and state your crush to your dudes.”  Reason being, they already know man… Like seriously, we men are see through to our homies when we got a serious Love Jones on a girl no matter how macho we try to play it off.  It’s all good believe me, just tell em that you like her and she is officially hands off.  The shit us fellas think is cool and manly boggles the f***ing mind.

Now any friend worth his place in your inner circle will respect the second rule and regardless of how much he himself may be crushing on the girl of your interest, he will respect you and the man code enough to keep away.  The caveat being of course is that if you strike out before making her yours, she is back in play; even for your close friends.  By yours it means emotional attachment, not just the slam.  If all you had with the woman was meaningless sex, she is also up for grabs for your salivating, ghoulish gang of Neanderthal brethren.  I’m not going to explain this, she just is.

So let’s be clear here; if you like her, tell your boys. If you don’t say shit and one of your boys wins her over then blame your-self.  Period.

Moving on to women for a quick minute, the rule doesn’t exactly work the same way.  The reason is that there are definitely more women out there with their head on straight than men so the pool is a bit more constricted and finite.  Understandably then, the saying, “there are many fish in the sea” really only applies to men if we are being totally 100% about things.  As a result, women have to be slick, play the politics right and go after their man if they see him; best friend be damned (of course, I’m not saying to go after your friends man, but going after the guy she says she likes is all good in the big scheme of things if they are just casually dating).  It’s a rough world out there I know.

I will be discussing the types of compatible men and women combinations in future posts that may enlighten you on the types of mates that would be worth your while to risk your friendship over.  Till then if you are a female guard your man (maybe do some extra favors if you know what I mean).  On the other hand, if you are a dude, state your intentions and lust like a man and your boys will respect that.

Hey girls, I’m here for the taking… I’m one of the good fish; I swear it!

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