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Black Couple

Make ‘Em Happy: Stop That, Start This!

If you must text say something freaky. Like: "when you get here we might not even make it to the bed"
by avery_bianca


Leave My “Bunnies” Alone

Tha kid has been trying to figure this one out for a while though and to this I figured it was worth a few words on pad.
by Jack Tha Kid


Single Black Female

SBF – Can’t We Just Be Cool?

What a popular line. A line MOST if not all of us, male and female have used. Or... “He’s/she’s just like a brother/sister to me.
by singleblackf

Playboy Logo

Playboys Don’t Date or Hang-out…They Flirt!

I know my boys wanting to be players out there at times are thinking it’s just easier to pay for “Diamond” on the street corner than it is to pay for dinner and a movie with your sweet innocent “Lisa”
by Jack Tha Kid