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Irina S

Comfort Is At Times….Overrated

Tha Kid knows like the rest of my panting, drooling brethren out there, we prefer the fairer sex to either come out of that room bare cave woman naked, or in something decidedly much more tight fitting than what she has in mind.
by Jack Tha Kid

Single Black Female

SBF – Get Your Own

Now when it comes to other people’s lover, men and women have a tendency to compete and go after people who don't belong to them. It's almost like a sick fetish or thrill people get just from messing around behind a friend or...
by singleblackf


Men & Women

The Difference Between Men And Women

Men are like waffles and Women are like Spaghetti
by rhumnoir


When Did You Become a Cougar & Stop Being a Pussy… Cat?

In the world of females, first and foremost fellas, you gotta understand that they attach a lot and at times most of their self-esteem and value in society on their appearance.
by Jack Tha Kid