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Make Money

How To Make 37%

It’s a nice, fast read. Mike Warren explains the concept of buying judgement liens and collecting on those liens when the property the lien is on gets sold.
by Trendmovements

Money Roll

BM And Life?

When it comes to women, swagg, and trends BM get a gold star, but what about wealth? Why don't we own Wal-Mart's, multiple sports teams and a bunch coffee shops...what are we missing here?
by rhumnoir


Kid with crayon

Paper Trading – Not for everyone, but it’s for you!

Paper trading is the practice of choosing and tracking stocks without actually using real money. Some people literally paper trade by writing their trades on paper, while others use paper trading services offered by trading web...
by Trendmovements

Forbes Richest BP

MONEY, POWER, RESPECT – Top 5 Richest BLACK People

Do you know who the wealthiest Black People are in the world? Take a look and see if you were right...
by @anthonythomasMM