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May 17, 2011

A Man Should Know…


A man has to know about cars.  Period!  So it is written (by us).  So let it be learned (by you), if you don’t already know here is a ‘lil sumthin for ya:

There is more information than you should know printed on the sidewall of your car’s tires.  But you don’t want to be that dude with the blank clueless look, when a ‘damsel in distress’ needs some assistance in an automotive related circumstance, and you can’t play the hero.  Let WhatBlackMenWant help you out in making sense of what’s important from all the letters and numbers:


What’s important:


215 – This tire is 215mm wide.

65 – The height or “profile” of the tire from rim to tread is 65% of the tires width;  the higher the number, the taller the tire.

15 – The tire and wheel diameter in inches.

Now, go find someone to impress with this.

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  1. Kingstrike

    I did not know all of this. Deep. Now I have to teach my women this and act like I knew all along.

  2. MR ROCK

    What about the details on Rims. I need to know that stuff!

  3. water

    A man should know how to properly change a tire. Some oil change advice would be useful too.

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