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Black Couple

Black Men and Sex: Things We Wish You Knew

When asked the question "What do Black Men Want?" most brothers will attempt to give an intelligent answer.
by sgaither

Greg Jones

Love and Marriage in Black and White

Finding someone that you can actually picture yourself loving for a lifetime is an experience that I hope to feel first hand at some point in my life.
by sgaither


Raheem Davaughn

After The Love Is Gone

As a brother in my twenties, I feel cheated! My grandparents had Marvin and Stevie. My parents had Luther Vandross and Gerald Levert.
by sgaither

Black Couple

Make ‘Em Happy: Stop That, Start This!

If you must text say something freaky. Like: "when you get here we might not even make it to the bed"
by avery_bianca