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Barrack Obama

Obama’s John Wayne tough, Shaft Cool…The New Age War President

Whether Americans want to admit it or not, they are always happier when they have a "War" President (and yes as a dual-citizen I am one of those Americans I speak of).
by Zamani Thomas, Esq.

Idris Elba wins at the Golden Globe Awards

Red Carpet Style

The 69th Annual Golden Globe awards took place last night in Beverly Hills and as usual the stars were out looking their best. Unfortunately with few Black actors nominated, there are not often many who turn up to these events.
by ivyprosper



Obama in 2012: Not Because He Is Black

It’s easy to discount the remaining candidates on the Republican side. Newt Gingrich, Mitt Romney, Rick Santorum, and Ron Paul are beating up on each other for the right to take on a weakened incumbent.
by dbanner


Good Read for BM!

  of the world… I found this link on the internet, it’s a pretty good read… in your opinion is this what the BM of the world are looking for in a women? What do black men really want in a woman?   Fo...
by CEO