Our Mission:

Striving to bring you the diverse spectrum of the Black male experience.  We speak to a full group of men who have different needs.  WhatBlackMenWant’s challenge, through this new era of social media is to provide a different source for cultural expression and to become the E-zine of choice.  WBMW speaks to men who can identify with the experiences of the modern Black man.  Our core goal is to challenge the way a man thinks, speaks and prepare him to navigate through today’s world.  We don’t claim to know exactly what every Black man wants but, we explore this idea through information, and entertainment.  We do this for us, to us and for those who share our interests.  The most important word in our name is “want”.  This word is about getting to the core being of a man and speaks to the desire of striving for more.



What do we Want?

We want to build on our desires, dreams, goals, aspirations, education, faith, relationships and legacy.  WBMW takes you through a journey of discovery as we travel through the lives of Black men.  It’s an opportunity for you to share ideas, interact with us through comments, posting links, and sharing pages with others.  This is your premier Ezine through which all things of interest and importance to you and us will be expressed.  Black men of the world, allow your-selves to be re-introduced to ourselves.

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