hat the black man wants is the perfect shave every time he sits in the chair . I would have to say the perfect shave is:

  • One without the nicks
  • Cuts and bumps from razors
  • Using rotating head and regular electric shavers

Bubba the Barber is going to help you achieve the perfect shave. Here are three electric shavers that have the “Bubba” stamp of approval to look into.

Starting with the Wahl Peanut: A high-powered pivot motor perfect for clean shaves. Achieve a look that is clean, without the closeness or abrasiveness of a disposable.
Price: $45 to $50

Oster Outliner: is number two: A low motor shaver not good for the close shave but the clean, even, 5 o’clock shadow look.
Price $60 to $90

Last but not least, my personal favourite is the Andis T Outliner: A high-powered magnetic motor, very good for that close shave for Nubian facial hair.  This shaver is exceptional because you can adjust the blade to cut closer and achieve that razor cut look…. no band-aid.
Price $70 to $100

As a Black Man trying to achieve that very clean shaven baby face, the Andis T Outliner is the best. Some black men get razor bumps from a very close shave due to irritation and ingrown hairs, for this you should use the Wahl peanut. For the sensitive shaver try the Oster outliner. I hope this comparison can help you the Black Man to achieve that perfect shave!!!

I’ll be back, with my reviews on Toners to help “stop” razor bumps.

Bubba the Barber.

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