Sometimes it just takes a while to connect the dots. This is true for an artist or for a music enthusiast. After existing in rap anonymity from 2005 to 2010, Big K.R.I.T. released the critically acclaimed, “K.R.I.T. Wuz Here”, the project that K.R.I.T. admits was going to be his last. It received the most buzz the young artist had received to that point in his career. Finally on K.R.I.T.’s most recent project, “4evaNaDay”, he seems to have come into his own as an artist, truly refining his sound.

K.R.I.T. is just that; an artist. His art form just happens to be hip hop. What also becomes incredibly obvious is that K.R.I.T. wants to be great more than anything. Much like his hip hop peer Wale, the latest release from K.R.I.T. is littered with references centered around hard work and continuously striving for success.

The production on “4evaNaDay” is remarkable and features the type of soulful samples that soothe you like a Duke Ellington solo. A concept project, “4evaNaDay” is a day in the life of K.R.I.T. from beginning to end. The project opens with a poem and smoothly transitions into the first track, “Wake Up”.  K.R.I.T. croons on the chorus of the song, promising that he will make today the best day of his life. The following tracks “Yesterday” and “Boobie Miles” are equally reflective and show similar emotional sincerity as the opening track, giving the opening to the tape a genuine morning-esqe feel.

On the tape’s title track, K.R.I.T cranks up the energy and gets his day started, in a sense, on a much more boisterous track. Rapping over another soul sample, the K.R.I.T produced track packs a much bigger punch than many other tracks on the tape. When track 6 blasted through my speakers, I knew I’d found what I was looking for.

“Me And My School” is a nod to whatever your favorite chopped and screwed or Houston inspired song you’ve ever had. K.R.I.T, in true Pimp C fashion, rides the beat impeccably and provides us all with a theme song to blast through our speakers with the windows down this spring.

K.R.I.T rounds out the middle of the tape with fly talk (“Sky Club”), a dab of consciousness (“Package Store”), his career versus relationship woes (“Red Eye”), and of course a trip to the strip club (“Temptation”).

K.R.I.T does what a good artist does in expressing real life and thoughts in his music, in which he shows both sides of the coin. Admitting his attraction to gold diggers and strippers, while admitting that he’s trying to be the best man he can be for his loyal girlfriend. He also shows anger on “Handwriting”, where he voices his disdain for his label, negative stereotypes about the south, and music critics.

After living with this tape for about a week, K.R.I.T is easy to root for. K.R.I.T is an artist that has paid his dues, and his growth is encouragi ng to see. Looking to feed his hungry fans, “4evaNaDay” proves to be an exceptional appetizer for his label debut, “Live From the Underground”.

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