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January 2, 2012

Is Kanye The Most Fashionable of 2011?

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Written by: ivyprosper
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Kanye West









As each year comes to an end there are lists giving us the best and worst of fashion. For the third year in a row, Fashion Bomb Daily, has named Kanye West the most fashionable man of 2011. Do you agree? The rapper turned fashion designer has always been known for his interesting fashion choices. Some of his picks have been on the verge of androgyny and at times he has been criticized for what he’s wearing. Yet, his trend-setting style often spreads to the masses with something as simple as a scarf, hat or shoes.

Givenchy Wool Bomber

Most recently Kanye’s masculinity was in question during the Watch The Throne Tour with fellow rapper Jay-Z. He performed while wearing a knee-length leather skirt by Givenchy. Men wearing skirts in western culture can be seen as too feminine and out of the ordinary. However there are other cultures including Eastern and Scottish tradition where a man in a skirt is not viewed as being abnormal.

Kanye isn’t one who allows criticism to keep him from expressing himself creatively. He’s coined himself ‘the Louis Vuitton Don’ and he continues to live up to his nickname wearing the latest and most interesting in fashion. West has managed to craft his own style persona using a mix of high fashion with an urban edge.

Check out the various looks of Kanye during 2011. Do you think he deserved the title?

Kanye West

Kanye West in Phillip Lim

Kanye West in Louis Vuitton Scarf

Kanye West

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  1. Bubba

    Kanye is an icon for men’s fashion

  2. Jason

    Kanye is King when it comes to fashion.

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