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March 12, 2012

Peyton Manning Quick Take

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Peyton Manning

Quick Shot – A quick take at the Peyton Manning Saga…

An era has ended in Indianapolis. The colts have cut ties with Peyton Manning and are finally fully committing to its future with Andrew Luck. While there was plenty of emotion at yesterday’s press conference with Colts owner Bill Polian, Manning is no where near a victim in this instance.

There will be a wide range of random conjecture on where Manning will land to write the final chapter of his career. At this point there are no clear leaders in the race for Manning’s services.

The most important idea to take from his release is that it was the right time for the two parties to part ways, regardless if Manning has good years left or if “Can’t miss” prospect Andrew Luck actually misses. If either of these circumstances arises there will be countless stories about how Polian fumbled this situation away. The end does not justify the means in this situation.

All signs point to Andrew Luck being ready for the NFL immediately as Todd McShay and countless other draft gurus have Luck as the highest rated prospect since John Elway. The stars aligned and allowed Luck to enter the NFL Draft in the year Manning was injured and had 3 neck surgeries, while the Colts bottomed out and got the first pick in the draft. Colts fans should consider themsleves ‘lucky’ to have an instant franchise QB to step into the shoes Manning left for him.

This in no way implies that Andrew Luck will be an all-time great. But this should bring solace to a fanbase who had to say goodbye to their icon…

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