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September 1, 2011

The Good Ole Library

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After years of buying financial and trading books, have you ever wondered, is there a cheaper way to get information? Some books out there go for around $25, but they can easily reach $50, or higher, depending on your topic of choice.

I’ve spent quite a bit of time cruising the net for free advice or information, but sometimes you hit a wall, because, well, sometimes you just have to buy the actual book to get what you’re looking for. Personally, I can only read something off of a screen for so long.

Well, there’s another source, the library. No hacking skills needed here. They’re still around. They’re a free source of analog or hardcopy information. There are tons of books in public libraries. The information in libraries can be borrowed for free, still!

I haven’t been a regular at the library for a while. I used to go there in high school because that was the only place my dad would lend me the car to go. There were also women there from time to time. It was also close to a mall, which also had some as well. Ahh, the library.

I recently took up going to the library as a new place to study without distractions, but I ended up rediscovering library books. Free to all. I was actually shocked to find up to date trading books. Some of which I had already read after extensive searching, not knowing that they were right here for free all along. Here they were, all sitting in the same section.

Have a business idea, but don’t know how to get it going? Curious about investment strategies? Looking for more information to build your market knowledge? Want to learn how to do almost anything? The library still has it, or something very close. As much as I like the internet for its abundance of information, I still prefer the printed word on paper if I’m reading for extended periods of time.

In short, go to the library, punch “trading,” or your topic of choice into the digital catalog, and presto! Information! Books can be read, without any adapters or power cords. No formatting, no downloading. All for free!

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