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June 26, 2012

What’s Your Fitness Goal?

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Written by: Grind Fitness
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ny fitness goal takes a focused workout program designed to stimulate your body in the appropriate manner.  Often times the fitness program is right on while the diet/nutrition is either ignored or not taken seriously.  Once the fitness goal is identified the combination of a workout program and nutrition plan is essential.  Ensure that you research the nutritional aspect of your plan in order to utilize all that hardwork that will be done while training.  Consulting a nutritionist is the best way to ensure that what your consuming for fuel will compliment the workout program.  Important factors such as your weight, height gender and allergies etc will effect how your diet is tailored to help reach the fitness goal.  The same individual will recieve a differnet diet plan for a weight loss goal as opposed to a bulking/muscle building goal.  Basics likie consuming a  mix of small meals and snacks will remain similar but your calorie count and percentages of carbs, protein and fat will vary based on the goal.  Remember it’s 80-90% of the solution to any fitness goal.

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Grind Fitness
After years of experience training at big box gyms and studios I decided to become completely self-employed. The goal simply is to provide clients with improved service, personalized programs that when combined with proper nutrition will allow my clientele to reach there fitness goals efficiently. Training independently has allowed me to focus on less clients giving me the ability to spend more time on program progressions, research and continued education.




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