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July 18, 2011

Comfort Is At Times….Overrated

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Written by: Jack Tha Kid
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et’s just keep it 100 fellas; you and I all know that when your sweet, sweet plaything for the night says she is going to throw on something more comfortable, we don’t get too excited. Tha Kid knows like the rest of my panting, drooling brethren out there, we prefer the fairer sex to either come out of that room bare cave woman naked, or in something decidedly much more tight fitting than what she has in mind.  While she is at it, she shouldn’t bother closing the door while slipping into the outfit of choice.  A freebie strip show never disappoints.  (On a side note I have been thinking about purchasing a portable strip pole for just such occasions).

Where was I…?

Now not to say there isn’t a time and place for a nice silky lingerie set or a cute little teddy outfit, but that time usually isn’t prior to a full on sweaty, furniture moving session of hedonistic pleasure.  So what should women be wearing you may ask? Your damn right I got that answer… Tha Kid never disappoints.


Let’s go through the various outfits I have in mind.

  1. The first and most traditional uncomfortable yet sexy as hell uniform would be the black pumps with five inch heels and garter straps up top, accompanied by a way too uncomfortable push up bra.
  2. If that isn’t your flavor, let’s move to another option, that being the latex uniform, and fellas, I’m not as freaky as some of you out there, so I actually don’t need the woman to have the latex full face mask and zipper lip to go with.  But if that’s your thing, more power to you playboy.
  3. Moving along, there is the string bikini sitting on 5 inch pumps with the strings going in and out of… well… let’s just say anyone up for hamburger buns…  trying to keep it PG as possible, surely though your imaginations can take you to the same destinations I’ve arrived at years ago.

There is no need for me to go any further into the recesses of my carnal imagination.  The examples above should surely suffice for now.  As I insinuate and call for the women of the world to understand this raunchy mindset of the savages you call men, I want them to understand that we love you women and all you stand for.  It simply strikes me as an obvious thing that when it comes to bedroom games, there is no room for playing nice.  Why pretend?  We are about to be one with each rubbing flesh to flesh, juices to juices in a lovely dance of harmonious fluidity for the next.. Depending on stamina, 1-60 minutes bare bottom nude with each other.  Physically we have nowhere to hide, so I call on my fellas out there to be honest in their desires as well, to be hopefully acquiesced by your willing to please lover for the night.

Comfort is for watching a movie, and cuddling.  When it comes to fucking, the words we want to hear from you is “I’m going to go and slip into something uncomfortable”, then allow us to let the beast out and leggoooo!

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Jack Richards, or Tha Kid as he is affectionately known; or maybe not… Either way, this man has some strong opinions about everything there is to be said when it comes to relationships, sex and style.  Always willing to give his advice to those willing and able to listen, he is an interesting and surely controversial Mind of Zadishe at www.jackthakid.com and columnist at www.whatblackmenwant.com.




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