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August 31, 2011

Get A Freak, Not A H@%!

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Written by: Jack Tha Kid
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Tha Kid says… Leave the Virgins; Try a Slut, Get a Freak not a Hoe!

You dudes out there always frontin’ acting as if you want the virgin with the chastity belt on, or some sort of cheap imitation of one need to stop your noise and get yourself up with an experienced woman. Now Tha Kid isn’t saying you should be going down to the red light district to find the woman of your dreams, but at the same time, don’t be going to the seminary to find her either.

…know the difference between a Slut, Hoe and a Freak!

Society tries to tell us all of these things about women and how they should act, and which ones are acceptable to be with etc. etc. etc. In the end what is important, is that us dudes know the difference between a Slut, Hoe and a Freak! Now to my lesser male vessels of humanity, you may be thinking right now; “What the hell is Tha Kid talking about? They are one in the same!” To you my nephew I say, “That’s why you need the Tha Kid to clear up some of these misconceptions.”

The Sluts

Shall we begin with these specimen of women… Sluts play their roles and they are very valuable creatures indeed. I have no reason to call out the true sluts, cuz they know who they are… Most sluts are unapologetic for being so. They are the ones that really love sex and don’t mind sharing that love with multiple dudes, and I’m not mad at that in the least. Sluts assist us dudes with the growing pains of learning how and where to use our junior member. Consider sluts the teacher or professor of the fuck game. You may have a crush on your professor, but you don’t really want to get into anything serious with her, because you know every year she has a new crop of students in her class. That is the slut, so be aware and scoop them up when you can. Just don’t fall for them or you will get hurt. It is ok to keep them as friends and go back to them from time to time for some instruction and advice though.

The Hoe

on the other hand is the one you usually want to avoid… unless of course you are the pimp which is an entirely different article all together; but one Tha Kid will address at some point! To the normal dude, the Hoe will just eat you up and spit you out without much effort on her part. She usually comes across as this amazing dime piece you can’t believe would have any interest in you and ego begins to swell… don’t let this part get you though, she is just playing her fuckin’ game on you and about to put you into a trance.
Any woman worth getting should be worth working for, and if the chick that runs through your mind while you sleep is giving you play without you trying… it’s not cause you are fuckin’ projecting shit or got on some good cologne, it’s cause she sees you as a mark. The Hoe walks around sniffing and prowling for the dudes that are craving the attention of a beautiful woman and they pounce once they find one whose soul they can extract s-l-o-w-l-y. You see, that’s the game; too fast and the mark catches on to the play. Best believe though, once you are drained or catch on to the play, its game over and you ain’t getting back none of your money. If you find yourself attracting Hoe’s you need to reassess your game playboy. You’re better off getting the one night stand ho on the corner of the street, at least with them you know the cost up front. Hoe’s can be invaluable in the learning process if you are bitten by them once or twice, but the key is to learn from them so your game tightens up and you’re able to see them coming.

This brings us to the crown jewel of women;

The Freak

God do we love the freak, and in Tha Kid’s not so humble opinion we’ve been giving The Freak a bad name and rep for far too long. The Freak is the one you marrying types need to marry and you commitment types need to commit to. They separate themselves from the Sluts and Hos by selecting one target and unlike the Slut, they stick to one dude and unlike the Ho, all they need is commitment to exercise their carnal desires on the lucky man who snatches her up. Women out there, let Tha Kid tell you that there is absolutely nothing wrong with being all that you can be in bed, on the floor, kitchen table, bushes out back, the car, you get my drift, moving on… and experimenting with all there is to experiment with. Yeah toys included and all. Bottom line is that if us dudes keep lumping the good ones (Freaks) into the same category with the Hos and Sluts we will be denying ourselves one of the great treasures in life; The pot of gold that is a Freak that is committed to you and you alone.

The Freak is the one you marrying types need to marry and you commitment types need to commit to.

So the rule is simple, treat Freaks with respect and stop lumping them into the other categories. Stop talking your business around the place to try and get a rep as a stud or playboy and enjoy your Freak in the bedroom or anywhere else she fancies. It’s getting serious out there fellas, we starting to turn Hoe’s into housewives, Sluts into Hoe’s and Freaks into virgins. We can’t have that, we need them all to re-assume their proper position in life so we can all reap the benefits.
Remember, learn the characteristics of each type and Govern yourselves accordingly. Give up on trying to break the code on the chastity belt (only more problems occur if you actually get in), find yourself to Slut to get experience, maybe a Hoe to ground you, but get yourself a Freak for the long haul!
If you like my stuff check me out at www.jackthakid.com Till next time, Tha Kid out!

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