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July 14, 2011

Rub And…

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Written by: Uncle Suave
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“Submitted via email”

Ok so I get a call to go install phone service at a Holistic clinic an when I get to the door I see a bunch of cameras an not even paying any attention to them I go in an its really dark…and the one Asian lady tells me I can go in she is waiting for her friend to finish with a client cuz she doesn’t speak much English…so I start working the other room…so the woman now comes in to meet me she’s older but still looks hot…. so I finish and go to leave and the woman says I should come back for massage…I ask if it is “free”? She reply’s yes with a wink lol…. so I leave and go do another call an now I have nothing to do so I call my supervisor ask if he would go back…he say “hell ya” so I head back…knock on the door…she answers with a smile on her face I tell her ” I’m back for the free massage” she walks me to the room and tells me to get undressed and ask who do I want to massage me…a pick one and it starts …I keep asking her to go harder and harder…. then her friend come back in and she asks if I want my front done and who do I want to do it. I ask for both and they agree they start rubbing me down now I’m getting so fucking horny a got a huge boner now she keep looking at my cock an saying “what’s that?”. Giggling lol and asking me what I want? I tell whatever is free…cuz I didn’t have any cash…she say if I give them 20 each she will make me happy but I didn’t have any cash and I keep thinking someone is gonna bust in while I’m at work getting my nut off… lol

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