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June 6, 2011

Battle Of The Babes 4


Its ROUND 4 of the WhatBlackMenWant Battle of the Babes! Lets take a look at these two sexy seductive women.

Kerry Washington

In one corner we have Kerry Washington who has appeared in various movies such as Save the Last Dance, Ray, She Hate Me, Mr. & Mrs. Smith, The Last King of Scotland, and many more. Her thick juicy lips keeps most men’s fantasies live and vivid. Her smooth voice and sharp attitude can keep any man at attention. She was nominated for the 2001 BET Awards Best Actress for The Last King of Scotland, Won The Black Reel Awards Outstanding Actress Night Catches Us 2011, Won 2005 Image Awards Outstanding Actress in a Motion Picture for her performance in Ray.

Aside from her many accomplishments, lets take a look at how she performs her craft and those sexy lips.


Meagan Good

In the other corner we have Meagan Good, who has appeared in movies such as Eve’s Bayou, Deliver Us from Eva, You Got Served, The Cookout, Waist Deep, and most recently Jumping The Broom just to name a few. She has a cute face and an amazing body. Take a look for yourself.

OK judges, it’s that time again to voice your opinion. Who has the complete package? Time to vote BM’s!!! Use the poll below, and keep the discussion going on who you would take first and why.

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  1. Thomas Crown

    This is an easy one for me, Meagan Good 100%! She is so sexy after watching her on the Game few weeks ago still has my HEAD spinning!

  2. Garth

    I would have to go with Kerry Washington. She seems a bit more mature and sexier. Plus she is a better actress. Megean good is nice for the night but Kerry is good for life.

    • Trojan

      The “G” in Garth, must really stand for Goof! Its called “Battle Of The Babes” nicca. Meagan is straight up SEXY, who the F cares about her acting skills because she won’t be acting on top of my N*ts!

  3. MizAvid

    I was thinking just the other day, how has Meagan Good not made this “Battle of the Babes”? lol
    She’s so sexy ;)

  4. Garth

    @trojan..I am just saying to see a women just for her looks is one thing but to see the whole package. Plus they are both actors so it is only right to compare their acting skills.

  5. Corey G

    I heard Meagan is an industry hoe

  6. Duke da God

    My thing with Megan is that she recycles a lot of her gear. Like I have seen her wear the same thing many times over and over and over again. The joke is she is still hot. I would give it to her for sure.

  7. water

    I’ll take Kerry in this one.

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