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May 4, 2011

Always Bet On BLACK!


Barack Obama went 2 for 2 this past week, and here’s how!

While Trump had the entire world looking for Obama’s birth certificate, the 44th President wiki Barrack Obama, was busy taking down the man past American leaders couldn’t find for years – Osama Bin Laden wiki Osama Bin Laden. Even before the September 11 attacks on US soil Bin Laden used his power to wreak havoc on the United States of America in a number of different attacks in various parts of the globe. After only being in office for a little over two years he was able to lead the assault on the man who is considered to be the worlds most wanted. WBMW is sure you’ve all seen the news reports and even though details on this TOP SECRET mission, executed by Seal Team 6, are a bit suspect – WBMW is inclined to believe that America’s greatest villain was killed, and his body was buried at sea.

Obama also scored his second victory this past week, by silencing Donald Trump with his own toupee when he questioned Obama about being an American citizen and demanding to see his birth certificate. Obama of course took the high road on this request, and provided the BC, showing he was born August 4th, 1961 in Honolulu Hawaii; even though there were a ton of other things he could have done with his time than having to prove, to the country that made him the 44th President, that he was in fact born and raised in the USA. After that issue was dealt with, Barack would get some revenge on Trump at this past weekend’s dinner in Washington.

Watch the beginning – then fast forward to 9:35 for the roasting

The roasting continues at 2:10

Barabck Obama – WBMW would like to congradulate you on two big wins, one that was a bit personal an another for your country! Keep shooting those jumpers!!!

Like Wesley Snipes said in Passenger 57 “Always bet on BLACK

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  1. Bless

    If I were Obama I would have taken that rug off Trumps head and beat him with it… twice!

  2. Jerry Thomas

    F Trump – he his a Bit@h

  3. UltimateBlack

    Obama isn’t Black, a true BLACK man would have slapped Trump with his C@ck.

  4. Bigwill

    I am blacker that Obama

  5. water

    I like how he laid into The Donald. He has some good speech writers. I don’t think Bush could have pulled off that speech.

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