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August 16, 2012

Suspending Your Style

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Suspenders are an item that keeps getting recycled back into men’s fashion.  They gained popularity in the 1820′s as an item men wore to hold up their trousers.  Now they are more fashion than they are function.  For the most part men wear belts to keep their pants up now.

The suspender trend is here and you can find them in any price point; from 10 dollars up to 200 dollars.   One of the most famous for wearing suspenders is Journalist, Larry King.  He has never stopped wearing them throughout his career.  But the look is not just for older men.  Others spotted in them include Andre Benjamin who is known for his eclectic fashion sense.

When choosing a pair finding colour that contrasts your outfit is the best.  After all, you’re already making a statement by wearing them so why not choose a colour to draw attention to them.  If you choose to sport them it’s also important to not wear a belt.  Having both suspenders and a belt on is just too much and they take away from each other.  Keep it simple.


Andre 3000

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