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July 15, 2012

Audio Books: Useful Multitasking Tools

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Generally, I find multitasking to be a waste of time. In my experience, you end up with several unfinished tasks, or a few poorly done ones. A few years back I discovered a multitasking tool that I can get behind however, audio books. I’ve been able to get through quite a few books on trading, finance, philosophy, history, fiction, you name it; by listening to a lot of them.

I think the first book I ever listened to was on economics. This bedtime story could be rewound the next day to the point where I fell asleep the night before. I was able to get through a book that I may not have stuck with had I needed to actually read it.
I later began downloading audio books onto my mp3 player. I was now able to walk, ride, drive, clean the house, wash dishes, cook, or work out, while learning or being entertained.

Surprisingly, listening to stories or textbooks isn’t as boring as it sounds, or boring at all for that matter. For me though, the person reading the book can make or break it. There are some readers who can make dense information interesting, while others can make a good adventure story intolerable. A friend has introduced me to books that weren’t originally set to be put into audio-form, but have been read by computer programs. I could never make it through a book read by a robot, as much as they think it may sound like a real person.

Surprisingly, listening to stories or textbooks isn’t as boring as it sounds

I have a few diehard friends that once said they could never listen to a book, only read one. I have actually managed to convert a few of them with relative ease. Admittedly, books that are heavy in figures and dates can be hard to digest through your ears alone, but I have been able to get through some books that I might not otherwise have read if I didn’t listen to them while driving. So, I’ve been able to learn a lot more with my time by actually ‘multitasking’.

Listening to books has now become a bit of an addiction for me. If you swear by only reading print, I suggest you try it at least once. That’s all it may take to win you over.

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