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April 26, 2011

Battle Of The Babes 2

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Written by: noirmoustache
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Battle of the babes_cristina_vs_lauren

Yes, WBMW had to bring the hotness for round two (we showed our respect by giving Halle & Jada round one: http://wp.me/p1sJ7Z-9A but for this round we are taking the gloves off with Christina & Lauren. C’mon men we know that these two are on every BM want list… just ask Lil’ Wayne or Nick Cannon!



Wonderful music/acting career to date and she has the look to die for! (WBMW honestly couldn’t find one whack image of Christina on the Internet).



Face of an angel, arguably one the prettiest chicks on the planet!!!

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Enough with the talks…,let’s go!  WBMW is ready to hear from you about this battle…

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  1. prune

    This is a hard one son… I’d want both of them, at the same time! i’m a stay natural on this one.

  2. case

    Is it possible to f* a girls face? If so I’m going with Lauren cause she has me weak.

  3. Kiko

    Threesome yo!

  4. Tdot don

    I prefer Lauren she is beautiful her smile is mesmerizing. I’ll take weezy’s seconds.

  5. Lil weezy

    Give me Christina, Lauren’s old news

  6. Junkrow

    Neither give me whoopi Goldberg

  7. Afoman

    I like Christina. She’s fire. That dream guy blew it. I heard he weaseled his way back in. If I was christina’s man I would rub her feet and cook her kraft dinner every night

  8. Tiger

    Christina does it for me. She has and always will. HOT!!! I will smack it up flip it rub it down!

  9. Bigwill

    I would have to give it to Lauren London. She has them cute dipples that I like. Not sure what her body looks like. You guys should put up full body picture also. I need to do a full comparassion

    • Lovingit

      I agree with Bigwill … add some full body pics son, this is a site for men, that’s the type of shit we want to see!!!

  10. MRSWAG

    I like them both but Lauren London gets the edge. She has a nicer smile. I agree with Bigwill. I want to see the full body. Chest and assets!!

  11. water

    When I line the two pictures up together, I find I look at Lauren a lot more. Her face tells me that she should also have a better body, according to my imagination.

  12. Lando

    I pick Lauren. Judging by pic alone she seems lower maintenance hot.

  13. MissAvid

    Lauren London… a natural beauty ;)

  14. CoolPoppa1

    Christina does it for me! She has that exotic type of fire and a bangin little body!

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