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January 18, 2012

Fashion Throwback














There are distinctive trends in fashion that define an era. The mini skirt, Afros, Zoot suits, Hammer pants and the list goes on. Certain trends are so significant they are associated with its time.

Tiquan Underwood Haircut

If you grew up in the late 1980′s to early 1990′s you will remember it was a time when hip hop culture was seriously infiltrating the mainstream media. Brands like Cross Colors, Karl Kani and Adidas were distinctive of this era. It was a coming of age when this b-boy culture was finding its way and influencing the styles of youth across America and around the world. Fashion is not only about clothing but it’s an entire persona that includes your hairstyle. When it came to hair, the men and boys of hip hop were serious about their hairstyle. It became all about the high-top fade.

High Top Fade

This is one trend that was made famous by rappers like Big Daddy Kane, The Fresh Prince and of course the infamous Kid from rap duo Kid ‘n’ Play. His was and still has the title for being one of the highest fades ever. Soon everyone was rockin this look. Even white kids whose hair wasn’t the same texture as that of a black man worked to get the look.

Vanilla Ice

The most popular white rapper of that time, Vanilla Ice, proved that a white man could also rock the fade with a little extra effort and help with a lot of hairspray. Imagine seeing someone like Eminem wearing a fade. I don’t think I could.

Big Daddy Kane

Fashion trends have a tendency to come and go in cycles. Once a generation who wore a fad is long over it, there is a new generation ready to embrace it. What’s old seems new again. Is the trend of the high-top fade coming back? Over the last couple of years if you’ve walked the streets of New York, you’ll notice a few fashion leaders wearing the fade. Although it hasn’t hit big like it did the first time around, it seems to be making small roads into mainstream.

Jay – Z

NBA Baller Brandon Jennings

When it comes to urban culture, one of the best places to see where the trends are happening is by watching the sports athletes. NBA player Brandon Jennings has been rockin’ the fade for some time earlier this year and a few other players have also done the same. Football player Tiquan Underwood has also been seen wearing the high-top fade and it was the subject of conversation in the Boston Herald. The Bronner Brothers Hair show in Atlanta featured the high-top fade but on a woman last year. Trends in hair are often seen at this annual international event. Who knows maybe sometime next year you’ll be spotted rockin’ the fade. Will you?

High Top Fade

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