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October 20, 2011

Can I Cook it… YES YOU CAN!

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Written by: Uncle Suave
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Can I Cook It?

BM, it really ain’t that hard. The ability to cook comes through the cooperation of a few attributes from your own personality. Your success (how the food turns out) depends on how well you balance your patience, organization, passion, and most importantly your common sense and confidence in your abilities. When you bring these things together, in a kitchen, at one time; a decent meal will should come to fruition.

it ain’t that hard to get to YOUR climax, but satisfying your woman requires a whole lot more button pushing and knob turning.

Easy right? Well… no. Simple, but not easy! Kanye didn’t get signed on his first knock at the label door, nor will you reach chef status on your first REAL attempt at actually cooking a meal. Let’s flip it like this; it ain’t that hard to get to YOUR climax, but satisfying your woman requires a whole lot more button pushing and knob turning. Approach your kitchen like a woman, be prepared to deal with a little frustration. Use this to guide your consciousness and boost your instinct for nourishment; but you are gonna have to figure out which buttons and knobs to push on your culinary accouterment to heat your raw ingredients into a presentable meal that you, and more importantly others, will enjoy.

    • Start with a recipe on paper, package, email, tablet, or whatever for something fairly simple like chicken breasts or fish fillets and pasta; Just make sure you have it in hand to reference at will. Remember though, a recipe is how someone else cooked it, don’t be afraid to add a little of your own flavor, pun intended, once you’ve got a few different dishes down to an art.
    • All of the ingredients.
      You’ll need a list, make sure you have fulfilled it at the grocery store. Substitution is not an option for an inexperienced cook.
    • Read all of your cooking instructions before you even break your first egg. Try to familiarize yourself with the entire process so you can see it all unfolding as you go along.
    • Don’t be afraid to call someone for help. You are still the chef, even if someone else helped you out.

There is nothing more gratifying than getting a belly full of some good food that you slaved to create yourself!

Remember gentlemen; if you build that dinner, they WILL come.
Feeling confident enough to try?

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