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July 17, 2011

Single Ladies

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Single Ladies













o there is one conversation that men should never have in the company of other men…”hey guys did you see the last episode of Single Ladies.” And I must say I would not feel comfortable saying this kind of stuff around my crew. However, we as black men have been blessed with a website like this so we can anonymously comment about shows like this, and other things we might not blatantly stamp our names on.

Believe it or not, this show is actually good. Black men can get a sneak peek on how women, more specifically black women, think and act. Not to mention these women are sexy as hell. Lets take a look at the cast.

Stacy Dash

Valerie “Val” Stokes-An aspiring fashion mogul who has just begun with her first step on the ladder having bought a fashion boutique in “one of the hottest areas of Atlanta,” “Ultimately, she’s a “good girl” looking for a “good man.”

LisaRaye McCoy

Keisha Greene – A former music video performer who believes that the head chooses better than the heart.

Charity Shea

April Goldberg-Jenkins- April has been married for seven years to Darryl, and is hoping to pursue her career dream by moving from assistant to the record label’s owner, to an A&R executive. As she begins to spread her wings she comes to realize marriage may not be her ideal situation.

Kassandra Clementi

Christina Carter – A fashion intern with a free spirit and an “eye for fashion”. She is a bit of a party girl and wild child.

DB Woodside

Malcolm Franks – Turned his fathers jewelery store into a successful international business. According to the VH1 blog, “He loves the ladies, and the ladies love him.”

When I was originally introduced to the show I was extremely skeptical thinking that this was another “fly by night” black show that will be cancelled by seasons end. Even though the show has creditable backing by Stacy A. Littlejohn, director Tamra Davis with executive producer Queen Latifah and Shelby Stone I still was not convinced. Throughout the five episodes I found myself slowly getting drawn into these sexy ladies and developed a curiosity to what they will say and do next.

I have been a fan of Stacey Dash for many years and it’s not because of her acting skills. She is one of the sexiest women I have ever seen and does not seem to age. Her extravagant wardrobes hugs her slim body and her eyes keep you patiently waiting for her to smile.

LisaRaye McCoy’s thick body seems to maintain its curvaceous dimensions against anything that time and age can do to disrupt it.

These women go on different adventures with men, a little reminiscent of Sex in the City, with a black twist. We see successful black people in a light that is rarely seen. I love seeing professional black people doing things out of the norm and showing our younger generation that they can actually live their dreams. The first 5 episodes have provided a foundation of things to come. I suggestion you go check it out just so that you can education yourself on how the modern-day female thinks and acts. If not, I understand, man is man. But for those of you that do have an open mind please support black TV and check out this show week nights at ____?

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