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July 16, 2011

Mobile Hotspots & Rocket Sticks

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Written by: Uncle Suave
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Mobile Hot Spot

Our ever-growing necessity to be, and stay connected is continually answered with new devices to feed the veracious hunger for the ‘inter web’

Some of the latest solutions include USB, Smartphone, and standalone electronic accoutrement include internet sticks and mobile hotspots. These devices allow us to get a single internet access route (USB stick), or a WiFi signal that we can share with multiple devices. Mobile Phone providers push these products with data plans, which are a great way to keep a constant umbilical to whatever your online dependency is. Android and iPhone mobiles possess the capability to share their 4G/3G cellular data connections so your friends can surf if you’re feeling generous. All of the major providers, and several of the smaller local mobile phone providers offer competitive plans that rival home service, and may be a lucrative switch for the man who is always on the move; keeping you in the HOV lane of the “information superhighway”!

Hackers can very easily obtain your sensitive personal information when you use free WiFi while you sit enjoying your latte or pass through the business district.

To protect yourself from such attacks, don’t use any free or unsecured WiFi service to do personal banking, confidential work, or anything that may potentially be harmful to you should someone gain access to it without your knowledge.

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