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April 11, 2011

Give Tiger his women back!

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Written by: rhumnoir
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Did we cut Sampson’s hair?
Did Lex Luger give Superman kryptonite?
Did OJ do it?

I have to start of by saying we love Tiger, and as a Black athlete he has done almost everything, BUT would agree with me when I say Tiger can’t play without his women? Since his women were taken away from him…his game has not been the same. He hasn’t won a major since 2008!!!

I’m starting a petition on this post… let me know what you think about Tiger and if this would help his game you can also insert an image into your comment(s) or email a pic, of a female that we can send to Tiger to help him get back on track for 2011… golf is not the same without him.

Email: post@whatblackmenwant.com

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  1. Mark

    What women are you referring too?

    I don’t think Tiger needs to get any women back to start winning again… he’s in a bit of a slump and every athlete in every sport goes through this!

    He will be on top again – I’m sure of it.

  2. obama mama

    Tiger just needs to start banging some blonde chicks again. That’s all!!!

  3. ten inches

    i’d cheat on tiger’s wife too if i were him.
    she’s overated!!

  4. black dynamite

    she set the brotha up!!

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