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June 22, 2011

Fitness Tip: The “Diet” Game

Healthy Eating Tips

You workout and do cardio but can’t seem to trim the extra fat/pounds no matter what you do.  Usually this is a sign that your diet needs a good cleanup.  I firmly believe that diet is 80-90% of the game.  While working out is important if you aren’t putting the right fuel into your body all that hard work in the gym can go to waste.  A good start is simply keeping a food journal or log for at least a week and having a nutritionist evaluate it.  Convey the goals you want to achieve along with the details of your program.  Getting a Diet tailored to your training schedule will definitely help reach your goals faster.  Some basics that I can recommend as a good start to changing your Diet are consuming 6 meals a day, removing carbs from your last 2 meals and not eating within 2hrs of bedtime.  Remember that ‘meals’ can include snacks like fruits and vegetables, and protein shakes etc., so don’t let the 6 meals requirement deter you. If you are consuming complex carbs, such as rice and bread, go for natural whole grains.  These are simple tips to help clean up your diet.  As always, consult a professional if you wish to go beyond these tips.

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  1. Ghost

    Not eating within 2hrs of bedtime. Why is that? Not sure

    • Uncle Suave

      Other than metabolizing and breathing, your body uses a minimal amount of resources. Ergo, the meal that you ate before getting into bed doesn’t get burned off like your lunch does by walking around and going about your day.

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