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December 18, 2012

All BM Can Wrap?

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Written by: Uncle Suave
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…pun intended. Word play aside, Black Men love nothing more than to bring pleasure to a Women. However men can’t appreciate carefully putting decorative paper on a gift just so someone can tear it off; Tearing of decorative clothing like lingerie, now that’s a different article: Gentlemen Only. Focus gentlemen! And take the time, if only for that one special present, to try your hand at making it mean that much more to her. Trust, she will appreciate it.

She’ll enjoy hearing about how much effort you put into her gift experience; searching for how to videos, wrapping, and tying bows. You can score some really easy points with your lady here.
So, get your wrap game up!

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Uncle Suave
Real talk. Like it or not with one grain of sugar a-top. Diplomacy through my stubborn ways... Truly, Your Favourite Uncle.



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  1. water

    This topic wasn’t brought up by a man!

  2. Product X

    I totally agree. Unless that man is Elton John

  3. Uncle Suave

    …and I bet neither of you can wrap! This was the topic of discussion between a few women and a BlackMan, and definitely something that can only help him with the ladies.

  4. water

    Thanks Aunty Suave. Maybe I need to deeply study how to wrap colourful tree bark around a box.

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