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May 11, 2011

Gentlemen Only

Neon Lights

Neon Lights

Ballin’ or budget? How do you roll up in the strip club? Are you the guy that looks like smells like talks like money; his wallet and credit card at the disposal of the stripper (professional strength money remover). Or you’re the guy who’s just there to have a few drinks, relax, and look but not buy. We bet you didn’t know about the third type of Gentlemen’s Club frequent flyer; WBMW refers to this guy as being on his “Sheen Scheme”; a mission to fraternize with the likes of Charlie Sheen’s own personal, ahem, “friends”.

This egotistic, however sometimes successful patron, plays cool guy all night long in his grand plan to win a show girl! He employs charisma, confidence, lots of patience and an intriguing disposition to challenge and win a mental chess match versus a woman who is seasoned with victories against these types of games played by less skilled men. He isn’t over bearing, or arrogant. He keeps challenged by not advancing, nor succumbing to her attempts of seduction for business. He is interested in the pleasure part of the transaction, but on his own terms, not bound by the rules of the establishment that are enforced by the “Club Muscle” by the door. WBMW challenges you to execute this ploy to stunt a stripper. If you already have a successful scenario that you experienced, WBMW’s readers would love to hear about it in our H.O.T.N. section.

Here’s a ‘lil sumthin sumthin to help you out: How To Take A Stripper Home With You


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  2. Black Tie

    It’s not that difficult to win an exotic dancer. Charisma, and not being a pervert is key. Oh yeah, and don’t break bread in the club!

  3. Noxx

    I go all out when it comes to strip clubs. You only live once. Might as well

  4. water

    Strippers have problems. That’s why they strip. They’re hot though still. I think the goal is to get a stripper, so you can show your boys that u can pull a star. A star that the man dem all saw gyrating naked, but a local star none the less. After that initial showing, any further deepness makes you a chump to the same guys that thought it was cool that you pulled her.

    Porn stars are well hot too, but you take one home and your dad’s like, “Ya I’ve seen that tang before. Didn’t recognize you with your clothes on.” Then he laughs.

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