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Black & White

Interracial Relationships – Black/White Gray Area?

It's hard to say they do or don't work... let us know your opinion on this EXPERIENCE!
by Uncle Suave

Black Couple

Make ‘Em Happy: Stop That, Start This!

If you must text say something freaky. Like: "when you get here we might not even make it to the bed"
by avery_bianca


Lauren London Nicki Minaj

Where The (Young) Ladies At?

Dictionary.com defines a lady as a woman who is refined, polite and well spoken.
by sgaither

Slow Your Role

Slow Your Roll…Know YOUR Role

Don't deny a man his position as the lead. A woman also has her leading position, to which I am not going to make statement of in an attempt to avoid any umm.... Ahem, unfavorable circumstance.
by Uncle Suave