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Single Black Female

SBF – Who Fronts The Bill?

Single Black Female is back at it AGAIN: "Call me old fashioned but shouldn't a man front the bill for the first date"? Follow me on Twitter: @singleblackf
by singleblackf


What Do BM Want?

      huge question for all BM is “What do we want out of life?” Is it love and or relationships? Money, cars or even women? Obama has proven that a BM can become the leader of the free world. I am ea...
by CEO


Money Roll

BM And Life?

When it comes to women, swagg, and trends BM get a gold star, but what about wealth? Why don't we own Wal-Mart's, multiple sports teams and a bunch coffee shops...what are we missing here?
by rhumnoir


It’s The “10 Cred Commandments”

In order to create wealth you MUST have credit and good credit at that. I own two successful businesses with sales over 10 million dollars. If you are serious about creating wealth please read my “Ten Cred Commandments”
by ebony_smoothe