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December 12, 2012


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Written by: marksparks
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During the month of December we spend countless hours celebrating the holiday season with family, friends and food! It’s probably why the new year’s resolution was created – to rid ourselves of all the bad eating habits we take on during December (and the pounds that come with them!)

[Pullquote_right]remember the food & the presents are just a side order – sharing love & creating memories are the main course[/pullquote_right]

Here are 4 Holiday slim tips that if executed will ensure that by the time the New Year hits you’ll be well on your way to a fitter, stronger & more toned you in 2013!

1. Don’t drink anything but water or tea. A cup of black coffee a day gets two thumbs up too (alright but just a little sugar & milk).
If you do decide to drink other drinks (juice, egg nog & alcohol, I’m looking at you!) limit yourself to a few servings per week & trade every non water beverage for the same amount of water.

2. Stay away from the dessert tray. Always. “Just one” is never “just one.” C’mon, you know that. Seriously never eat near the place where the sweets are being served. If you must try “just one” get a plate, put it on your plate and find the furthest place from the sweets you can. Then eat it slowly, enjoy it and be done with it.

I see you! Don’t go back to that tray!

3. Eat twice as many vegetables as you normally do & eat half as much rice/pasta/bread as you normally do. Bonus if you cut your refined carbs out completely.

4. Do at least 15 minutes of exercise EVERYDAY! C’mon, you’ve got 15 minutes to do a little “get in shape butt kicking” right?! Exactly, I knew you did. Now all you need is a simple circuit you say?!
Good, I got you covered!
Click the link below to receive access to tons of free circuits, video via The S.P.A.R.K.S (Speed. Power. Adaptability. Refinement. Kinesiology. Satisfaction) Fitness & Conditioning newsletter.


5. Enjoy yourself!
When you are out with friends & family remember the food & the presents are just a side order – sharing love & creating memories are the main course!

Happy holiday kick off and thank you for your continued support & readership, we appreciate you for it.
Best of luck on your march towards 2013!

“Repetition breeds strength.”

About the Author

Mark Sparks is a Certified Personal Trainer and a Certified Practitioner of Neuro Linguistics Programming. His approach in the gym mirrors his approach to life – Actions not Words.



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