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April 4, 2011

Oral Sex & Tobacco Related?

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Written by: noirmoustache
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Head and Cancer

Oral sex is a bigger cause of throat cancer than tobacco

Getting head can cause cancer…Damn!!!!


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  1. Big Ju ju

    This article is foolish! No way am I giving up head. Crazy!

  2. jblaze8804

    I think the messed up thing about this is teenagers consider oral sex to be casual, socially acceptable, and that it has less risk to their health than “real” sex.’

    I think that got me….Does not mean that I will stop getting head but I will think twice before I let just any average stripper give me oral.

  3. jjrockcity

    I think this article is crap. I just don’t believe it. No way am I giving up head!!!

  4. Lovingit

    I’m a still get head – I’m just going to stop giving it to my chick(s).

    • Kslice247

      Sounds like a real true to the game black man..WOW!!!

  5. ebony_smoothe

    WTF!! everyone knows head makes you smarter!!

  6. ebony_smoothe


  7. Lando

    Head over Du Maurier’s….problem solved.

  8. water

    I just tried to read the article, but it’s no longer available at that link. So, I”ll have to re-create it in my mind. Is the cancer caused by striking the back of the throat, or substances in the throat. Either way, my girl will never get a hold of this article if I can help it. NEVER!!

    I have to agree with ebony_smoothie. If head didn’t make you smarter they wouldn’t call it brains.

    • Jackson Triggs

      So true – I know quite a few really smart females.

  9. Thanks for your information! Frankly speaking I have never read anything that great.

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