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December 11, 2012

The Art of the “Pass”

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Written by: Lipton
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The Basketball Supreme rankings below






1. Earvin “Magic” Johnson 








I am bias.. VISION and passing in transition was paramount. Controlled a team with assists and a dirty looking set shot, He had awesome finishers and he knew it.. rewarded them daily for a decade – 9 final appearances in 12 years. You don’t get the nickname “Magic” from dunking. I only saw him DUNK once, and i’m sure i am not alone in having him as my favorite player of all-time (selfless)

2. John Stockton

The most accurate passer I have seen in terms of getting the ball to the appropriate position and getting the ball to the player’s #’s on their chest (fundamentals). His one-handed off the dribble dart pass was superb. His passing in all situations and sequences – transition, half court, pick n roll, pick n fade… Stockton’s Total Career Assist 15806 vs. & in comparison to Steve Nash’s total assist to present 7765. 5000 more assist than any other player ever (selfless).



3. Jason Kidd 

Kidd’s passing is so nasty that if he had a jay, he would have a RING, period! (2003) vs Spurs. Kidd’s vision is 90 feet. Invention: The first player to eliminate the sequence of a big man rebounding the ball and then handing the rock to a point guard to start a play. Notice how many other point guards in the league are taught and subconsciously wait and/or camp out to the side of a play to receive the ball to start a play in every defensive rebound sequence. NOT KIDD! Kidd’s physicality and genius simply allowed him to rebounded the rock himself, and start a play quicker. He totally eliminated and/or removed a basketball ‘SEQUENCE’. By starting the transition sooner and creating more vision for himself, he studied his Hero Magic and took it to another level. “Mr.Mean” Gary Payton’s dad taught him well… Total Career Assist 10405

4. Mark Jackson

From the playground of Queens to the league. Would kill you on the elbow in transition. Very slow, but very methodical – entry pass into the post was paramount.. ask Ewing, Rick Smith. JO..Oakley. Jackson had absolutely no jay, was limited physically, but his MENTAL game in terms of angles were genius like.





5. Steve Nash

Pick n roll/Pick n fade assists are sick, what separates him from his peers is his (off hand) – left hand. One of the best of all-time with his off hand. Very wise & crafty in tight spaces. I prefer the above stated players in transition however. Nash is not more creative than Pistol Pete. However has a Perfect system.. D’Antoni owes him everything! I mean everything! D’Antoni will never duplicate his system without NASH.



6. LeBron James

VISION & Passing is unreal as a 3 guard. His passing is completely insane, if he had more control of the rock as a point guard, he would be dangerous. To give prospective.. Lebron has more career assist than Skip to my Lou (Rafer Alston) who is the best street passer of all-time).




7. Isiah Thomas

Was fierce…very similar to Nash in that he could kill you with the shot (scoring) or assist in any sequence. Kept opponents off balance always.. In Transition was very solid..






Old School


8.Oscar Robertson

5th all time, very complete passer and player








9.Pistol Pete

a UTAH/LSU magician. Before his time










10.Bob Cousy

You always see film footage of him running around in circles. Russell owes him plenty.













Honorable Mentions

11. Maurice Cheeks – an ultimate floor general

12.Rod Strickland – 8th all time – queens straight street baller
and never forgot

13. Muggsy Bogues – he never gets his CREDIT. For a man that was 5 foot 3 inches to play with Giants in the league. Think about playing in the paint with men that are 7 feet tall with tremendous wingspan and reach to deflect your passes constantly.. Muggsy was a midget, but had to have serious MENTAL game to play for so long. 6700 Career Assist.

I remain a Bad BOY!

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