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December 6, 2012

WBMW Fitness Tip: Consistent Execution

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“It’s simple, not easy.”

This is the theme for the rest of the year for me, not to mention the title of… Well more about that at another time.
I’m blessed to receive many letters and questions from people asking for my help in getting the body they desire and deserve. Sometimes when I reply to folks in person I can see a sort of let down in there eye’s before they utter some version of “that’s it?”
It seems that many of us are hoping for a magic pill that will help us reap the benefits we see from the success of others.

to be honest with you. There is a magic formula for turning where you are at to where you desire to be…

I’m going to be honest with you. There is a magic formula for turning where you are at to where you desire to be:
Execution. Consistent execution.
No matter what exercise plan you get on, no matter how scientific it is. No matter how intense it looks on paper, without execution your body won’t change.
And not just once. Regularly. Habitually.
This is the secret. Sorry if I disappointed you but now you’re free to make it happen!

This week’s body weight circuit is a simple one, again:
Complete as many as you can in 1 min, rest for 1 min.
Did you get more than last week? If you didn’t you’ve still got a few rounds to go, beat your last week totals! Go for it!

Complete 3-6 sets, 3 times this week recording the number of burpee’s you get each time. Then aim to beat your round & total numbers for the next workout!

Good luck on your journey,

“Repetition breeds strength.”

*Owner of S.P.A.R.K.S. Conditioning – Getting You The Body You Desire & Deserve!
*Fitness & Conditioning Specialist for over 10 years.
*Former Calvin Klein Man Of Steel
*Former National Champion
*Entertainment Tonight’s #4 Sexiest Bachelor
*WBMW Fitness Expert

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About the Author

Mark Sparks is a Certified Personal Trainer and a Certified Practitioner of Neuro Linguistics Programming. His approach in the gym mirrors his approach to life – Actions not Words.



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  1. Motivation 101.
    #GymFlow everyday.
    #EatRight Right in as fruit and vegetables with every meal, fast/fried foods soon become nonexistent
    The 1st step is the hardest and then it becomes routine.

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