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November 7, 2012

4 More Years!

Barrack Obama

President Obama has laid waste to Mitt Romney in a convincing fashion, which should come as no surprise. The mainstream media will have told you that the race was close and tightening, or that Governor Romney had momentum. The pundits say America is divided. But is it really? This President has been clear. Health care stays! Wealthy people will pay their share of taxes. The social safety net won’t be eliminated in favour of increased military spending and tax cuts for the wealthiest.

Regarding Obama, let’s be clear. He is HNIC for now. He is the man at the point of the spear. The gears of the system churn endlessly behind him. His victory and ours is not complete unless we hold him to account over this second term, and strengthen the mandate. The power is with the people, not the bankers and the bosses. Through President Obama, the next four years can be better than the last four, and the eight prior to that.
Change will be incremental. The expectations placed on this man are unprecedented. He has handled the past four years with incredible dignity, swag, and that touch of humanity that Romney couldn’t muster. But for those that expect things to improve, socially, in our communities, and economically we need to make it happen ourselves.
Our actions and voices can push the President in a direction that places the many before the few, the poor and the middle ahead of the rich. He won’t be able to do this alone. So organize, get active, speak truth to power and hold this President’s feet to the fire as you would any other.

The power is with the people, not the bankers and the bosses. Through President Obama, the next four years can be better than the last four, and the eight prior to that.

Americans have shot the finger at the idea that their bosses could convince them who to vote for. Millionaires and billionaires emptied their accounts to sway this election. The gaffes, the 47% comment, the questionable practices at Bain Capital, voter suppression, a compliant media, fear and loathing of Blacks, immigrants, Hispanics, women, rape victims, and the poor did not win the day. Pandering to the middle class while offering them nothing proved to be a strategy that is increasingly less likely to win a national campaign.
Mitt Romney, Rick Perry, Todd Akin, Donald Trump, Sarah Palin, an increasingly out of touch John Mccain, Michele Bachmann and other scary conservatives failed to bully their way back into the Whitehouse. I mean these Republicans (did I mention Rick Santorum) are not your parent’s Republicans. These folks make George Bush look like Jack Kennedy.
These politics of division received their rebuke this evening! The pandering, the deceit, the math that didn’t add up, the fanaticism, the hypocrisy, and the entitlement caught up to the party that would decimate the so called entitlement programs.

And this we should celebrate! War with Iran is likely averted. Obamacare will not be repealed. Romney won’t have a chance at selling out Medicare and Medicaid with his henchman Paul Ryan. The former Governor lost his home state (Michigan), the state where he lives and governed (Massachussets), and where he owns a home (New Hampshire). His future as a politician is sealed. He becomes a punch-line. This was a blowout, a lesson in how not to get elected.
Please join me in saying good-bye and good riddance to the Tea Party and their sponsors!

About the Author

David Bosveld is the Organizing Director for CWA-SCA Canada. Our members form the Canadian Region of the Communications Workers of America, which has more than 600,000 members across North America.We are the oldest and one of the largest media unions in Canada, with 27 Locals across the country. About 8,000 of our members are employed in the communications industry, be it news services, radio, television, internet, newspapers, print shops or mailing operations. Our members can be found everywhere from the front door to the back shop, working in administration, customer service, sales, staff support, production, distribution and, of course, the newsroom. Our employers include the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, The Canadian Press and newspapers from coast to coast such as the Halifax ChronicleHerald, Ottawa Citizen, Montreal Gazette, Sudbury Star, Red Deer Advocate and Victoria Times Colonist.




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