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November 15, 2012

ASOS Style

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Written by: ivyprosper
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ASOS Key Trends







Word on the street is that ASOS is where it’s at as an emerging leader in online shopping for young people.  ASOS is an online retailer with some fashion forward items meant to represent the global trendsetter.  The new fall collection for men brings together some retro inspired looks with a modern feel.  They mix patterns with bright colors and aren’t afraid to put together looks that seem out of the ordinary.

They ship all over the world which is awesome considering some companies limit where they deliver items on their websites.  This year orange, wine and blue seem to be common colours.  Mis-matched patterns are also another way for the ASOS man to show his creative side.  The styles have a youthful appeal and merge the college spirit with the artistic, creativity of an artist.

Check out some of the latest available for the upcoming season pictured below.




Stone Masters

Northern Quarter

Visit: www.asos.com

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