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August 27, 2012

Dating During Draft Season

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Submitted by: Leressa Joiner

As I prepare for my first NFL Fantasy Football Draft, it dawned on me all the similarities between dating and drafting. Consider this….. You are now the CEO of Team (Insert your name here) and building a great team for both the NFL Draft and for dating requires time and attention to detail.

ALL players should know your Team Motto: CUM HARD OR GO HOME…..GO HARD OR GO HOME!!!

As a CEO of TEAM YOU, there are many hats that you will have to wear, but for today’s lesson we will focus on two:

“TALENT SCOUT”- As a talent scout it is your job to identify players with a unique and/ or valuable skill set and actively work to sign them to your team. It is your job to keep an eye out for up and coming prospects as well as monitor those players who may already be on your radar. As a talent scout you are required to do your research on each prospect. Don’t be afraid to get your sheets….back… hands….damn!!….you know where I’m going with this……be prepared to get down and dirty! You will need to check prior stats such as previous relationship history, criminal history, employment history, etc. Your purpose is to find viable assets, not liabilities. Your job is not easy and I’m sure you’ll come across plenty of haters who will say “good men are hard to find”….. DON’T BELIEVE THE HYPE!!! There are eligible team players EVERYWHERE!!

“COACH” – Welcome to TRAINING CAMP!! Please take a moment to introduce yourself. “I’ve heard you’re a player…. Nice to meet you, I’m the Coach.” I can hear you laughing right now……it’s a cheesy pick up line I know, but trust me, IT WORKS!!! Ok….. Time to get down to business. Your talent should be working HARD to earn their way off the bench and onto your active roster. Any good coach worth her whistle should have several eligible players ready to sign on to her team. It will be your responsibility as a coach to effectively communicate to your team your dating ideas and concepts as well as working individually with your team to improve each players technical ability. Not everyone is naturally inclined to go LONG AND DEEP in the pocket…. But that my friend is a REQUIREMENT!!!! ALL players should know your Team Motto: CUM HARD OR GO HOME…..GO HARD OR GO HOME!!! ;) There are a limited number of positions available so now is the time to assess each player’s performance and make cuts and promotions as necessary.

Not everyone is naturally inclined to go LONG AND DEEP in the pocket…. But that is a REQUIREMENT

You are looking to identify and promote your starting lineup and eventually your STAR PLAYER. He is the man who is not simply THE BEST PLAYER ON THE TEAM, but a player that the Team Owner (CEO of Team________) can build her franchise around for the foreseeable future (as defined by Wikipedia). You may have also heard him referred to as Mr. Right.
Be prepared to have losses, injuries, trades and dissension amongst your players, this all comes with the territory. Don’t be alarmed if your team gets off to a shaky start or if changes and adjustments need to be made mid-season. For every player who is not playing his part, there is another man riding the bench who is ready to suit up and take his position. YOU ARE THE CEO OF TEAM (insert your name here)!!!! NOW GET OUT THERE AND MAKE IT DO WHAT IT DO BABY!!!!

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