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August 3, 2012

Something Borrowed…

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I was watching an episode of Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta, and it struck me that there seems to be a lot of intentional and un-intentional man sharing going on. Now a days, both men and women cheat on a daily basis, and it made me ponder the idea of what it would be like if we applied these reality show shenanigans to real life scenarios? What if we decided NOT to beef with the other person because we BOTH know good, neither one of us intends on leaving and instead……. embraced the idea that he is “our man” and act accordingly. To flip the words of another WBMW writer Jack Tha Kid,……“It’s not your dick, it’s just your turn.” Now Jack was talking about “The Man Code” but the same logic applies here.

The benefit of “something borrowed” is that you may not need a man or woman FULL TIME but…..you’d like a little bit more than friends with benefits

Ladies, let’s be honest, you’ve had a little D.O.D. (Dick On Demand) from time to time, and men, you know you’ve been down with O.P.P. (YEAH U KNOW ME) a time or two as well. The benefit of “something borrowed” is that you may not need a man or woman FULL TIME but…..you’d like a little bit more than friends with benefits. The girlfriend or boyfriend “experience” if you will.

Something Borrowed is a little bit like cheating in that one person doesn’t really know about the other person until it all blows up, but once they DO know…they come to an informal understanding that apparently we are sharing this person and that’s that!!….. Now hold on……before ya’ll start going in on me, just hear me out. I’m in no way implying that this arrangement would be gum drops and lollipops OR that all parties involved will hold hands and sing a ghetto remix of kum-ba-yah, but I do think this could all work out.

Something Borrowed is a little bit like cheating in that one person doesn’t really know about the other

If applied correctly, Something Borrowed would NOT be in direct violation of “The Girl Code” which states that you cannot enjoy the company of a man or woman that someone you know once dated. Let me be clear… there are certain folks that are off limits and should not be “borrowed” including, Ex-husbands/wives, baby mama/daddy, long term relationships and anyone you’ve hooked up with in the last six months. Where we run into problems is that most folks do not understand that they CAN NOT claim every person that they have EVER hooked up with in this lifetime!! If that person was your boo thang, your jump off, your friend with benefits, or your EX…you need to understand that the relationship has EX-pired and you should MOVE THE FUCK ON!! But I digress…..

Back to Love and Hip Hop and the love triangle between Stevie J., MiMi and Joseline. Clearly Joseline believes in “something borrowed” and has no plans on getting off the gravy train and going back to the strip club and MiMi is obviously a Ride or Die chick with a SERIOUS Bottom Bitch Mentality. Her take on the whole situation is, “I know what I got with Stevie” so even though she knows that he is sexing other females on a regular, she plans on standing by her man and getting a little cut of the profit while she’s doing it because “we ain’t passin up no money” and he “loves her”…..I mean…..he did just write a song for her with lyrics that were super wack and basically made HER the problem with “all of the fussing and fighting” and somehow managed to make it seem like she was wrong for STILL being mad at him for all of his messiness. At the end of the day she STILL walked off with him holding hands and giving her informal consent to this man sharing situation.

So……is that shit Cray ((In my Kanye voice))??? Or is she Crazy like a fox???

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