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August 7, 2012

Will The Addition of Allen, Lewis Help or Harm The Heat?

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When the Miami Heat went into NBA free agency this offseason they knew that the opportunity to win a championship, not money, would be the only way they could lure other players to South Beach.

The allure of another championship proved to be too much for veterans Ray Allen and Rashard Lewis to pass up, as both players left money on the table from other teams to sign with the Heat. Both have made a substantial amount of money during their tenure in the league, so signing with Miami for a reduced rate won’t hurt either player.

The Heat made it known from day one of free agency that Ray Allen, the NBA’s all-time three-point shooter, was their primary target. Boston immediately announced that they would double any offer Miami offered, but the addition of Jason Terry and a strained relationship with point guard Rajon Rondo killed any chances of Allen returning to Boston.

The addition of Allen and Lewis hasn’t been meet with excitement from everyone. Bleacherreport.com correspondent Eric Johnson wrote that while the additions look like steals on paper, they could potentially lead to disaster.

“The Heat should also not make it a main focus to include Allen as a main part of the offense. This may sound odd, but let’s not forget both LeBron James and Dwyane Wade do their best work with isolation situations. Not only is Allen a half-court player, but he cannot consistently create his own shot at this point in his career.”

In regards to Lewis’ remaining ability, Johnson had this to say said, ”Lewis has always been considered a valuable player because of his length and ability to stretch the floor with his deep ball, but after shooting 24 percent from three-point land last season, his days as a must-watch player could be done. Without his shot going, he isn’t an effective offensive player and will become a liability at times.”

While Lewis did shoot a career worst percentage from three point land last year, his 38 percent career average is five percent higher than Shane Battier. Allen, a 45 percent shooter from three for his career, is the perfect shooter to pair with NBA Finals MVP LeBron James.

Heat head coach Erik Spoelstra has already said he envisions a “position-less” line up for the Heat.

“We want to get to a point where we are position-less… there are only a handful of players in this league that absolutely strike fear into their opponent. And Ray is one of those players. Hopefully, we can play faster.”

What most people are forgetting is James’ ability to facilitate and play in the post. With a superstar like Wade and shooters like Bosh, Allen, Lewis, Miller and Battier, the Heat look poised to repeat as NBA champions.

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